Berti Walker was traumatized at a young age by the films you and I are so fond of; this gave her nightmares, and I for one am happy that she has them. She kept a journal of these nightmares for years, filled; as the author says, “with such filth and depravity, such hellish things, that Chuck Palahaniuk would simultaneously throw up and get a boner if he read it.”


Unfortunately she lost this journal on a plane for some poor sorry sap to find, who probably had to resort to heavy doses of sedatives combined with alcohol to sleep at night, after making the mistake of reading it.

She’s been shedding her soul into her writing since 2013 and lives with her husband and son in a place that is ridden with angry corpses, decaying with age as they bake in the sun and lust after the flesh of the young, while drinking orange juice with alligators. The place she resides juts into the Atlantic like a giant phallus, with the waters of the Everglades running through its veins. She claims a spot somewhere on this giant dick that I hope is not infected with a cankerous venereal disease. Some of you might recognize this as Florida.


Berti is a lady of the night when it comes to slinking into shadowy corners and sliding into shaded alleys, rife with the dark souls that she encounters within the limits of her exquisite imagination. She has been known to copulate with beasts of horror, noble and dark fantasy; mysterious, alien beings of sci fi, and the escaped psychiatric patients of Bizzaro. More often than not, she degenerates into an orgiastic, flesh-slapping combination of all of those, rolled into one goddamn amazing piece of work wherein the horrific masked figure holding the bullwhip is the dom.

She’s been an avid reader of horror since she was in grade school and her work reflects the trappings of a grim mind, ranging in scale from her story published in Infernal Ink Magazine (July 2014) called “Lagoon” which did indeed give me what she would call a “guilt boner”, to the debauched splatter short called “Happy Accidents” which can be found in Infernal Ink Magazine (April 2015).


Berti has a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts in sculpture, though she admits that she has a deeper affinity for sculpting with words.


As a rule of thumb, her work starts out as a seed of a scene that develops into something more to her liking. She prefers not to outline, and finds that doing so is more procrastination than progress.


As she writes, she dons adult onsies, complete with capes. Then, garbed in such a strange fashion, she brings her terrifying and fucked up tales to life. While penning out her little bits of deviance she listens to movie soundtracks to help set the mood.


Aside from writing things her husband doesn’t prefer to read, Berti’s other interests are creating and teaching art.


You can find Berti Walker’s works here:









“Zombie Apocalypse Anonymous” Infernal Ink Magazine, July 2013

“Sleeping Beauty” 100 Worlds, 2013

“Lagoon” Infernal Ink Magazine, July 2014   

“All the Little Pieces” Perihelion SF 2014

In Case of Emergency, Aim for the Head, Insolitus Publishing, 2014

Alice in Wonderlust, Insolitus 2014

“Congratulations, it’s a Boy”, Reader’s Carnival, January 2015

“Happy Accidents”, Infernal Ink, April 2015

“Water Babies”, Reader’s Carnival, April 2015

"Castigation" Infernal Ink, 2015

"Happy Accidents" Infernal Ink, 2015

Numerous stories in Ladies & Gentlemen of Horror 2015



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